Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's only death if you accept it...

Two Saturdays ago, Jyg decided we should watch The Crow, starring the late Brandon Lee. Because she rarely has the urge to watch "superhero" flicks, I wasn't going to argue. Besides, I love The Crow series. I'm probably the only person in my circle who can honestly admit to loving City of Angels and Salvation, as well, as the original. (Note: I'd like to believe Wicked Prayer doesn't exist.)

While watching the film, I started pointing out the differences from the graphic novel. And it hit me. Back in high school, a friend of mine "gifted" the first volume of The Crow, but I never bothered reading the rest. I blame the unfair price of graphic novels (before people start lecturing me on why graphic novels cost so much, save it. I know. I still don't think it's fair). So I worked a little book hunter magic - i.e. I surfed Amazon - I found a used copy which I purchased for $10.98 (before shipping). 

Well, finally, after a long wait - six days - I received my ex-library copy of The Crow from Dreamboat Books, LLC (it was a short wait mostly because they ship from Houston and I live in South Texas). Because today we had a rain out at the ballpark - thank you, mother earth! - I devoured it in one sitting. (This may not be that great a feat to most - I mean, we're talking about a graphic novel here, not the works of Proust, but anyone who's opened the J. O'Barr masterpiece would know that it is a great work of art - literary and otherwise.)

While I picked up Flesh & Blood earlier last year, nothing prepared me for the onslaught of emotion that the original book contains. J. O'Barr delivered the unfortunate love story told through the eyes of violence. It's a reminder how we should treasure every waking moment with those we love, and what we would do to get it back.

I shall return to reading Weeping Underwater Looks a lot Like Laughter by Michael J. White. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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