Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Book Hunt :The Catching Up With A Good Friend Edition

Nothing like a book hunt to bring to people together again, I say. Monica and I caught up after not hanging out for several months now, hitting Georgia's Thrift Shop, The Book Stop and Books 'n' Things - all of which are located in McAllen in about the same area.

Monica didn't find anything over at Mike's book shop (still inside Georgia's Thrift Shop), but I found a copy of St. Augustine's City of God, something I've been wanting to own since I read the excerpt in the Utopian Literature book I purchased. Along with that, I purchased The Last Known Residence of Mickey Acuna by Dagoberto Gilb (The Magic of Blood) and A Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The total price for all three was $3.50 before tax.

After that, we headed over to The Book Stop, a store I'd seen many times in passing but never really ventured into it. There Monica found a copy of Heavier Than Heaven while I purchased a Buck Owens record ($3), a copy of The House on Mango Street ($2.50) for my mother, and Helter Skelter ($2).

Our adventure took us back to the original used book store we once haunted - though it's moved since our last visit - where I purchased four books by Arthur C. Clarke - The Songs of Distant Earth, The Wind From the Sun, The Sands of Mars and The Sentinel. Monica picked up some Shatner books - one of which, later, she realized she already owned. 

We exhausted our book hunting places by lunch, so we ate and then called it a day. It was good being in her company again. I hope we make a habit of it.

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