Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Woman

via Furious Cinema
Meet the Cleeks, the model family. Father, Chris, works in civil services. Belle is the modern housewife. Peggy, the teenage daughter, fends off advances from boys. Brian attempts to please his father, aspiring to grow up into a man just like him. And little daughter Darlin', who is still new to the world around her. Life for the Cleeks is just as Chris would like it, until the day he brings home a feral woman. Then things get a bit messy.

Based on the book of the same name, The Woman is far from your typical horror movie. In fact, the monsters that hide beneath the bed at night do anything but. It's easy to confuse yourself at first blush who the bad guys are - especially if you only look at the trailer.

It's not difficult, once you get the whole plot sussed out, what The Woman represents to the Cleeks - men and women, alike. It's less of a horror and more of a suspense thriller. Nevertheless, it's a movie worth watching. I would explain further, but fear I may let spoilers slip. Just go watch it.

The Woman is available on DVD and BluRay.

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