Saturday, February 18, 2012

Greek & Other Updates

A couple of weeks ago, I started watching Greek - the ABC Family original series - on Netflix, because I saw Scott Michael Foster in a few episodes of Californication this season. It reminded me that I never saw how the series ended because Time Warner Cable, which has the habit of raising the bill and removing channels from my package, decided to place ABC Family in their digital only category. Long story short, I wanted to see what happened to the students of Cyprus-Rhodes and lucky for me, Netflix was nice enough to stream on my television - suck on that, Time Warner Cable!

I was happy with the direction of the finale season, even though it felt a tad rushed (no pun intended). And to learn Cappie's real name is just the icing.

Anyway, I picked up two books at the library - meaning I checked out - that I'm currently reading along side an advice copy of Children of Wrath - thank you, Library Thing! I also purchased a book at the library. However, I haven't posted an image of my prizes because I stupidly loaned my camera to my brother and haven't seen it for a week. Thank you, family!

Okay, I won't bitch about it. Until next time, keep on huntin'!

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