Monday, December 6, 2010

Poetry & Religion

A few weeks ago, my friend Moisés S.L. Lara messaged me via Facebook asking for permission to send me a copy of his sister's book, Furia (Mouthfeel Press, 2010). He's responsible for the lovely cover art, by the way. Just this afternoon, I heard the postman crunching his way up to the door. Opening the door, he let out a  whoa! as I caught him by surprise. His hand contained to packages - one bulky that had X-mas present written all over it - and the latter thin and large. Knowing that I haven't ordered any single books, I had to assume it was from that Kickstarter project I backed about a month or so ago - The Misanthropic Adventures of Bony Levi - however, that seemed unlikely. I placed the bulky packaged on the table and worked open the mysterious one. I was beginning to wonder when this book was going to be sent in. Happy, I snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook so Moisés would know I got the book.

Para Guillermo, Paz y Fuerza
I'm never one to give up a free book, of course. I don't know any book hunters - read: book junkies - who would. Even if it's out of our preferred genre, we don't turn down free books. However, Furia isn't outside my preferred genre, so it all works now. I should probably mention the author's name, I suppose. After I tagged my friend on the book's photo, his sister, the author, Ire'ne Lara Silva friend-requested me.

Even though I'm reading Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen currently, I told Moisés I would start reading Furia as soon as I'm done with it. But since the cold weather is pushing in, I was thinking of curling up with some hot cocoa - because I'm not a big fan of coffee - and start reading it tonight. I'm no stranger to reading two books at the same time - though I am a stranger of actually finishing both - you should see my Goodreads profile.

While I'm on the subject of the packages that arrived this afternoon, my mother's X-mas presents arrived today. This year, I'm gifting her a copy of Nicolas Sparks's The Lucky One and Mitch Albom's Have a Little Faith: A True Story (don't worry, the surprise isn't spoiled as she will never read this blog). I'm thinking of getting her something not book related, but I haven't decided what that would be. With this order, my copy of the Gospel of Judas came in. I have to say, that I do really love because not only did I get my mother's gifts and my book, but they also sent me a free chocolate bar. And who doesn't like free chocolate?

My chilly autumn night is set. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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