Thursday, July 15, 2010

Making Something out of Nothing

It might just be that I'm too much of a man to understand what Megan McGurk is going on about over at The Anti-Room. In her post, Harlequin Says Sutures are Sexy, she seems a bit tiffed by an ad campaign, inciting that the romance publisher "ruthlessly makes violence against women normative and sexy." 

While not a fan of Harlequin (or violence against women, for that matter), I see nothing wrong with the poster for the Mira series, which tag line reads, "Passion and thriller now meet."

In the age where vanilla is has turned bland, it's no surprise that even Harlequin would attempt to draw from the taboo world - borrowing ideas from the BDSM world (where are McGurk's post on books like Please, Sir, He's On Top and the like?).

Sure everyone shouldn't turn a blind eye toward anything promoting outright violence against women - nor should they get turned on by something as grotesque as actual rape - but a simple erotic story - hell, an erotic thriller - isn't something to riled up about.

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