Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Run

It was a sad day last week when I learned the McAllen, Texas location of Hastings bookstore was going to close down. Everything must go.

Last night, I had the urge to drag both Jyg and Izzy to the store and dig. However, I didn't want them to see me at my worse. This morning, however, I woke up and dragged Mother with me because I knew she'd find some deals, as well. It was the last time - well, more than likely - that I would ever go book hunting in Hastings again.

I spent $40.83. Most of the good stuff was already gone. The store officially closes on 11 February. 

***A short history of my relationship with Hastings***

Hastings and I didn't get along at first. Most of the people who hung out there were annoying teenagers with poor tastes in books and in music. Live bands would play covers of shitty songs and even shittier originals. Whines. Whistles. Hastings and I weren't compatible. Not yet, anyway. 

Barnes & Noble (on N. 10th) acquired a new guy who strutted around as if he owned the place. The sofa chairs began to vanish. We were left to sit on the floors, camping mostly at the sex and relationship section, making those who ventured there rather uncomfortable. The new guy began his war against the aisle sitters. 

While lacking comfy seats, Hastings did think about its costumers. While more and more of the stupid teenagers started to migrate to Barnes, my group and I began to move our way towards Hastings. We still visited Barnes, but we preferred Hastings way more. 

Fast forward: Barnes yuppy guy finally tells us that we cannot sit amongst the aisles anymore - we always choose aisles no one ever goes to anyway. Tells us that we had to sit in the cafe area, but there aren't anymore seats there. Chairs in Barnes & Noble have become scarce. The place becomes more and more unwelcoming - only the N. 10th location, the Ware Rd. is still rather comfortable. Yuppy man will never leave. It's clear that Barnes & Noble 10th St. is dead to me. 

Sitting on a high chair at Hastings, I hatch to Jyg my plans to start a book hunting blog. This page is born later on in the day. 

In all seriousness, the store has become a part of what I do. Every pay check - or whenever I was feeling blue - I'd go over and buy a book. Be it used - which I preferred - new, or value - which I also prefer. It became a place to get away, to seek escape. It beckoned me. Whenever I got an itch, knowing if I just go out to the store, I'd find whatever it was that I craved unknowingly. 

Hastings has been my rock. It has been my hunting ground. It will always be remembered fondly. I'll write more on this tomorrow. Less corny. Less stupid. Less about me.

Until then, good-night, Sweet Prince.

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