Sunday, April 21, 2013

On Trial for Prostitution by Sammie Lake

Sammie Lake followed me on Twitter, so I gave the writer a chance. And considering saying that the short story "On Trial for Prostitution" was free on Amazon, I shrugged and downloaded it. It's as if I haven't learned my lesson. Nothing free is rarely worth reading (unless that free item comes from the publisher or writer).

Now, Sammie Lake has a good idea here. If you ignore the cliche tale of a student turned prostitute, you'll have to muddle through the cliche dialogue, the porn-speak, and the spelling errors (amongst other stuff, but I have another blog for detailing how this story could've been better). 

In short, this short story took longer for me to read than necessary. I'll head over to Chapin City Blues to write my input as an editor. You can read that when it's done.

You can purchased "On Trial for Prostitution" for you Kindle, but buy it when it's free.

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