Friday, March 15, 2013

The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V.S. Redick

The fates kept me from finishing this novel in a timely matter and writer's block has kept me from writing this review. What curse follows your literary works, Robert V.S. Redick? More importantly, are all your readers afflicted with it?

Fading words on page 188 and a doubt of self doubt about my writing abilities later, I'm sitting here at my laptop writing this "review." I'm still finding myself at a loss for words because it's been a long while since I've read anything in the fantasy genre. The last thing I read was The Lord of the Rings and that was ages ago. My coworker turned me onto this book when he was searching for something to read. He mentioned talking animals and miniature warriors and I never looked back. I ordered my copy from Barnes & Noble--membership FTW!--and later returned that order and received another copy with the same flaw.

This book is jammed packed with fantasy fodder. Aside from the two mentioned, there's pirates, glowing child-snatchers, warlocks (called mages), a wizard that appears as a mink, a kick-ass warrior, a hero-destined lowly boy, a beautiful girl being traded into a marriage for peace, war conspiracy, mermaid-like creatures, and betrayal. With an air of a who-dunnit, Robert V.S. Redick captures the reader's imagination and holds onto it. He plunges us through every situation possible without making it feel overly packed. It's a book well worth the read, even if you're not that into the genre.

You can buy The Red Wolf Conspiracy at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, for Kindle and Nook respectively.

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