Friday, February 22, 2013

Those Girls by Alison Tyler

It's become quite ad nauseum on this blog, my declarations of love lust love for Alison Tyler. I'm just one post away from dedicating this blog to fanfic about the writer. You laugh, but am I joking?

I started reading The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V.S. Redick, but the fates were against me (or in favor of me reading something else) because upon turning the page to 188, I noticed a publisher error. A nice chuck of words near the left hand margin are partially or completely missing, making it difficult to read. No fear, Alison Tyler tweeted that she has copies available of her new "novelette" to pass out to readers willing to review it. I shot her an email. She shot one back. We did our little dance, and she forwarded my address to her publisher and this morning I receive a download link. That made my morning, after having to stand by for Barnes and Noble's response--they got to me shortly after, but it would still be days before I could pick up The Red Wolf Conspiracy again.

My first mistake was downloading the book at work. It'd been so long since my last Alison Tyler naughty read that I forgot how steamy her prose is. So I hunkered down at the puppet stage with Judy (a puppet), a chicken (also a puppet), and my coworker (not a puppet). Ms. Tyler's imagery blows out of the page (e-page?), filling her readers' heads with all sorts of decadent scenes that not only leave them yearning for more, but yearning for more sex. Not to mention the in depth description of the BDSM scene arouses a question--how much of this is fantasy and how much is first hand knowledge, and can I come with next time around (pun so not intended). This short book is a much more powerful read than Fifty Shades of Grey that it makes that terrible excuse for erotica look like a dorm room sex tape--shaky with a premature delivery.

If you haven't read anything by Alison Tyler, make this book the first one you read. Because they're all this good. The characters are well chiseled and the writing carries an air of expertise. You can purchase Those Girls for your Nook (to be linked later) or Kindle for only five bucks (really, $4.99 but let's not get technical). You won't regret it. Until next time, happy huntin'.

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