Saturday, October 13, 2012

Batman: The Black Mirror by Scott Synder

It'd be a lie if I said there was some skepticism on my part about Dick Grayson picking up the cowl. And whatever I did feel at first was exterminated. There is no doubt, Dick Grayson makes one hell of a Dark Knight, despite the differences in performance – even The Joker seems a little down in the dumps about it.

What Scott Synder does with this story arc is absolutely jaw-dropping. The reality vision of The Dark Knight Saga brought to life by Chris Nolan is entwined with our favorite comic book aspects. Dick Grayson learns that Gotham isn't the city of his childhood. It isn't even the city he knew a few months ago. And as Jim Gordon suggests, there's something dark about the city, something evil running through its veins that just make the people living within it bad. Enter James Gordon, son of the commissioner, whose shady past still haunts him. Whenever James is around, bad things happen to good people. And while Barbara Gordon isn't convinced that her step-brother has turned a new leaf, both Dick and Jim are giving the guy the benefit of the doubt. Besides, there's no time to focus on just one person when there is a slew of new villains walking the streets. And not to mention everyone's favorite clown breaks free from Arkham. But can this new Batman connect the pieces before all those he loves pays the price?

As I said, Scott Synder creates a new world for Batman. A world where the criminals match Dick Grayson's version. As for the artists, creating a depraved world isn't easy. But both Jock and Francesco Francavilla did awesome jobs.

You can pick up Batman: The Black Mirror at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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