Sunday, May 6, 2012

Batman: Long Shadows by Judd Winick

It's no secret: I am a fan of the Dark Knight, but I'm on the fence with Long Shadows. Don't get me wrong, Dick Grayson is an awesome Robin, a better Nightwing, but a second rate Batman. No one can replace the original, but maybe that's the point of the graphic novel. He's not replacing Bruce Wayne, he's making Batman his own persona.

Major plot hole, however. If Dick Grayson replaced Wayne as Batman so the public doesn't realize the Dark Knight has died, how does one explain the sudden disappearance of Nightwing? Couple with the new, happier, media-friendly Batman, I'd imagine more eyebrows were raised and not just Two Face's.

Judd Winick does present us with a great tale, but I'm not about to go suggest it to Batman fans. Maybe Grayson fans. And the artwork adds to the story, but then again, I always say this. SPOILER ALERT: I'm in love with the Two Face Batman hallucination. Perhaps Judd Winick can play with that in another tale - hint hint, wink wink.

Batman: Long Shadows is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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