Friday, October 14, 2011

Ethical Zombies?

It's difficult to accept a zombie Wolverine. It's the healing ability. That clause always gets in the way. It doesn't allow me to fully accept a zombie Logan. That aside, there shouldn't be anything that would stop me from enjoying the Marvel Zombie series, right? If only.

The first volume didn't pan well for me, merely ranking an average review. Marvel Zombies 2, on the other hand, is merely a waste of time. It's so awful, I fear pursuing the series any further just to save me the money and agony - just a note, I purchased the two volumes together.

40 years has passed since the events of volume one and the zombie heroes have devoured the entire universe. Back on Earth, an aging T'Challa is the elected leader of New Wankanda on the verge of an Acolyte uprising. When his assassination is botched, he finds himself mortally injured. The only person with a cure is zombie Wasp, who bites the dying leader in order to save his life. As the uprising reaches its heights, it is trampled by the return of zombie heroes. The battle of the interdimensional device begins. However, zombies are shown their proverbial mirror-selves and a decision must be made.

I remember when I first heard of Marvel Zombies. I was sitting in the aisle at Hastings, scanning the graphic novels when a guy walks up to me and starts talking about it. I love zombies. I love Marvel. What's to stop me from loving this idea? Apparently the execution. The art is great. It ranges from comical to horror to the seriousness of the matter to the completely cliche - check out the ending. The writing and storyline on the other hand. Are you serious? Makes one wonder what the hell Robert Kirkman was aiming for. You know, other than a paycheck.

Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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