Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Satellite TV

I might have said this a thousand times on my blog already, but a certain cable company (names are always withheld when I'm talking smack about a company) has been airing these misleading commercials about their services. Not only with their cable television but their internet provider, the mascot of which is a beloved Looney Tunes character. One of the many misleading pieces of information is how, with satellite TV, you're bound to get black outs. Because I'm a customer of said cable company, I have to say this: There are constant times - despite the weather - where my cable television just goes kuput!

I'm not saying Satellite TV might be a better choice, but you have to allow in some options here because if cable had it their way, you'd be left in the dark with empty promises. And I can tell you first hand that empty promises DO NOT make for good entertainment when you have company over to watch the season premiere of a beloved show. 

So here's what you'll do. You can easily just do an internet search on local Satellite TV providers, do your research and decide if the price out weighs the empty promises cable offers. Of course, you might be like my friend who states - constantly - that he never has such problems. Of course, it's only a matter of time. 

Don't let cable providers boss you around, letting you think there are no other options. It's time to become informed. It's time to switch over to satellite. 

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