Friday, February 25, 2011

Amazon Kindle: Now with Page Numbers

I never bothered learning how to figure out how the Amazon Kindle measures its book lengths. With the printed word, there are page numbers. With Kindle, there's some weird measuring system that contains a percentage and location numbers that are hard to decipher (e.g. Location 20250 of 29449 - I'm currently reading "The Shadow of Innsmouth" featured in H. P. Lovecraft: The Ultimate Collection). However, in the coming months, Amazon will be adding actual page numbers - including in their Kindle apps

The update also includes removal of the pesky page numbering at the bottom of the screen - which, personally, I like - which will only be visible when you hit the menu button. Along side, a rating's page will be added when you finish the book - you won't only be able to rate the book after completing it, you'll also be able to share it on social networks, see other books by the same author and recommendations. 

As if I couldn't love my Kindle anymore. This just keeps on getting better and better. Until next time - if you don't own a Kindle, pick one up now! - keep on huntin'. 

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