Saturday, June 15, 2013

Post 446

Couldn't even make it to 450 let alone 500. Don't get me wrong, though. I love this blog. It's been my child for four years. It went through a lot of format changes, a child, and a separation. And still it came out on top. My only wish is that I actually made more money off it. Sadly, all things must come to an end.

What started as a chronicle of my book hunting to an attempt to show others how to become a successful-yet-thrifty book hunter molded into a semi respectable (quasi respectable?) book blog to the constant declarations of my love for Alison Tyler, who shaped the later posts (because I did my best to read all her works). This has been my first and most successful attempt of a serious blog (though, I'm often not so serious in my writing). And while this will remain in the cyberworld for years to come as an archive of what I've read and saved for the last four years, it's time I packed up my bags and moved toward a brighter future. 

My personal blog and my book blog will fuse into one single blog about books, music, and film and how they've affected my life and writing as well as reviews and thrifty finds (and love letters to Alison Tyler). I'm currently in the process of building something better and following a daily schedule. This also means better reviews (hopefully), longer and shorter posts (for people who love to read about reading, and those who just want some quick information about writing, editing, music, and movies), more creative writing (nothing worth selling, but something worth reading), personal posts, and more. My goal is to mimic a literary magazine and fill it up with things most literary publications wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole (like recycled cliches).

So thank you to Alison, Lana Fox, Go Deeper Press, my two followers, and all of you who have stumbled onto this blog via random Google searches and links embedded in someones post about a review I wrote. If anything, you have made this all worth my while. Until we meet again.

Yours always,
Guillermo Corona
the Observant Reader.

P.S. Happy huntin'.

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