Monday, November 5, 2012

Batman: Eye of the Beholder by Tony S. Daniel

What can I say? It falls short. Then again, being divorced from the comic book world for so long tends to leave a guy straggling behind. Playing catch up is hardly any fun. Tony S. Daniel brings us a story that I gave half my attention to. Compared to the other Dick-Grayson-as-Batman tales I've read lately, this one didn't capture my attention all that much. Maybe it's because Bruce Wayne makes an appearance and then vanishes. Or it's the Lazarus pits. Or the fact I never read up on how Bruce died and was brought back. Or maybe it's just that I didn't care for the story - though I did like Enigma, The Riddler's "daughter." And Two-Face making an appearance in the second book. I don't know. There are just holes in the story that I blame on my separation.

Outside of my sorta liking the story, I will admit that the art is decent, though at times it feels less gritty that it should. I don't know. Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, you can pick up a copy of Batman: Eye of the Beholder at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Until next time, happy huntin'.

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