Saturday, November 14, 2009

Three book hunt

Hunt: Search for Night Shift & 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King and Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
Partner: Solo
Location: Books -n- Things, McAllen, TX
Success: 1/3
Cost: $2.14

It was almost a success rate of zero because the bugger blended with the cracked spines of the other novels. Sheer luck, however. Found it. Sadly the other two weren't anywhere to be found. I'm thinking contacting another used book dealer - one I know personally - and seeing if he can get me the two books I seek. Problem is, I don't know how he goes about pricing.

I started reading this book at Hastings the other day - the short story "Children of the Corn," which inspired the movie, a shitload of sequels and a 2009 remake - but didn't get to finish the story because I have a very short attention span in a bookstore. I do remember seeing a used copy at Books -n- Things so I decided to hold off on purchasing it.

I'll probably not read all the stories (or I might, who knows) because it was "Children of the Corn" that was I was most interested in. There are other stories in here that were later adapted into films - "The Lawnmower Man" was turned into a movie with the same title, even though Stephen King was not involved, and the stories "Quitters, Inc" and "The Ledge" went off to form the film Cat's Eye.

But really, who knows. My entire outlook on him has changed significantly. However, I'm still reading Cell and it just might shift back into my old opinion.

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